About Wetterfee

Life is too short to spend time with nothing but insignificant everyday life. Fill your life with experiences that you will remember at the end of your days. They will carry you through the storms of difficult times. Live your passion!

About me:

Long story short:

diploma meteorologist with passion for weather, cycling and mountains

Certificates (state certified):

Nutrition C-License

Communication and Coaching

For those with more time for reading:

I was born in Regensburg as a Bavarian girl, where I spent my youth. It was there that my passion for the beautiful things in life developed, including sport and nature in particular. Already as a small child I always wanted to know how things work and the weather fascinated me especially. My favourite subjects in school were mathematics, physics and geography, so that my way after the Abitur inevitably led to a meteorology study. I studied meteorology at the Karlsruhe University of Technology (KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). The weather forecast (in technical jargon called “synoptics”) was my favorite and I began to work after the study as a meteorologist in the company of the “weather guru” Jörg Kachelmann. For some years I was settled in the Ruhr area, in Bochum. There I got the nickname “Wetterfee” (weather fairy/girl) from my colleagues, that accompany me until today. For two years I worked for the RTL Media Group in Cologne before I returned to Bavaria. Since today I am working in agricultural meteorology at the German Weather Service in the Weihenstephan Science Center.

Cycling: My boundless passion for cycling was alive even in my childhood and even in a passive mode. My Dad took me with him on his regular rides on his steely, bilious green racebike in a child seat. And I loved it just as a small girl. My first higher quality bike was a cyclocross bike, that I bought in 2011. So I could do rides along the river Isar to Munich along a track across fields and also could do fast rides on regular streets. In Germany Cyclocross-Bikes were rare at that time and my bike of the brand Merida was one of the first with disc-breaks. I burned for cycling and I did my rides every day. Only in winter time I skipped it cause of the salty streets. My fear of corrosion was huge. My first training-camp on Mallorca followed the proximate year. By now several bikes have come along. As the saying goes, the right amount of bikes is n+1.

Mountaineering: The low mountain landscape in the middle of Germany had always been an oasis of nature. No matter if the Bavarian Forest with my grandparents, the Black Forest during my studies or the Sauerland in NRW, they all had an attraction for me. When I made my first alpine mountain tour in Berchtesgaden from Königssee, past Kärlingerhaus and Funtensee, through the Steinerne Meer to Riemannhaus, I was falling in love. With my numerous alpine mountain tours I sat again and again at the summit cross and saw with the view into the distance always very prominent and still higher mountains. I decided that I would like to stand once completely above and all other mountains should lie visible under with. So I decided to climb the highest mountain of the Alps, the Mont Blanc. This dream came true in 2017.

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