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3T Gravelride – XPDTN3

My XPDTN: Hallertau – Regensburg What do you think of when you think of Germany? Cars, Oktoberfest and Bayern Munich? Maybe! But Germany offers more! There are also lonely landscapes that hardly anyone talks about. With 82 million inhabitants, Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Nevertheless there are untouched regions. …

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Experience report exogenous ketones

Senseless hype or effective dietary supplement? I have tested ketones as a dietary supplement. After an introduction to ketones, here is the second part of my experience report. The first part can be found here. What are ketones? Ketones are produced when our body lacks carbohydrates. Our liver produces small energy carriers from body fat, …

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Doping for the people

Successful, dynamic, beautiful and healthy, who wouldn’t want to be? In our society, these terms have a strong positive connotation and are absolutely desirable. Our service society transfers the pressure to be successful to all areas. When professional athletes such as footballers, light athletes or biathletes help out with doping substances, people turn up their …

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Push Harder jersey short time at Cuore

The Push Harder jersey can be ordered at the Cuore Teamshop until September 6th. The color variations are pink and blue. Matching to this there is a collection with Push Harder label with bibs, vest, cap, socks, arm- and leg warmers. The jersey is available in bronze (standard jersey) and gold (professional).

Blog-Award 2020

+++Update 03.07.20+++ vote is closed – thank you all for giving me your vote Click here to vote and win In 2020, the Blog Award will again be presented in the roadbike category. I would be happy if you would vote for me. On the pages of Fahrrad XXL the voting takes place.