Push harder Jersey

Through social media I have received numerous requests where you can get the ” Push harder jersey “. I designed the jersey push harder by Biehler Custom Cycling. Since it is my design, only I can order it. I have agreed to place an order with Biehler for everyone who likes it. The price is set by Biehler and depends on the number of orders (graduated price). I don’t make any money on it, just cost recovery. Full transparency! Price list and sizes can be found on the Biehler homepage. There were also many inquiries whether the jersey is available in a blue version instead of pink/pink. Yes, a blue variant is possible. The colour “skyblue” was chosen as the blue tone. Of course the jersey is also available in a version especially for men. Furthermore, it is possible to order a matching vest. The designs of the jersey, vest and the two colour variants, pink and blue, have been coordinated. For each additional colour change, design costs of 40 Euro will be charged again. Design costs will also be charged for the fitting of bibshorts. In the case of collective orders, these are distributed equally among all. The clothes are made individually by Biehler after payment.

Jersey with vest
Jersey and Vest
blue color
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