Test: cycling jersey for hot summer days

Summer is just around the corner and brings with it the most kilometers for cyclists. Hot temperatures can put a strain on the circulation and quickly become uncomfortable, especially if there is no cooling breeze when riding uphill. Almost all manufacturers now promise that their jerseys are suitable for summer. Personally, however, I have already worn some of these “light” summer jerseys and found them to be the purest heat accumulation. I would like to present three really light jerseys that are suitable for hot weather. Each of the jerseys is available for both men and women.

Kalas Verano Passion Z3 jersey

The cycling clothing brand Kalas was founded 30 years ago by a former Czechoslovakian cyclist. It has various collections in its range. The Kalas Verano jersey is the lightest and most breathable version. The Verano jersey from the PASSION Z3 collection is presented here. The Verano was developed specifically for summer temperatures (from 25 degrees Celsius) and for indoor cycling. The ultra-light VERANO ULTRA material allows good airflow and is highly breathable. Thin mesh fabric is used on the arms, shoulders and back. The fabric on the front is also thin. The fabric on the front is also kept thin. The only thing on the jersey that is a little warmer is the collar. When it’s really hot or when it’s really hot on the mountain, I prefer a thin or sparse collar. Personally, I like to wear this jersey on flat rides when the sun is really beating down but it’s not quite as hot. The jersey still offers me some wind protection at the front and collar. It should be noted that the mesh material lets UV radiation through and requires UV protection on the skin underneath. As I’m not a fan of “bike stripes” on my skin, I welcome the tanning effect in spring. The cut is aerodynamic, the jersey is generous and the smallest size is not tight on me. The official size designations range from 1 to 6, with the smallest size 1 corresponding to an XS. The sleeves have a concealed elasticated cuff that adjusts to the width of the upper arm. The price is comparatively low at 119 euros. The jersey is available in different colors (plain). A special feature of Kalas is a detachable, waterproof bag or case for a cell phone or valuables, which can be attached and stowed in the right rear pocket using a plastic hook.

Kalas Passion Z3 Verano Trikot (Source: https://www.kalaswear.de)

Pas Normal Studios Solitude Mesh Jersey

Copenhagen-based cycling clothing manufacturer Pas Normal Studios has designed the Solitude Mesh Jersey for sweaty mountain climbing. The jersey is made from Polartec® DELTA™ fabric. The Polartec® DELTA™ fabric promises optimized moisture transport, which should also dissipate heat away from the body. This should also work in higher humidity. At the same time, however, wind should be kept away from the body, which would cause excessive cooling on the descent, for example. UV protection is required under the jersey. The sleeves of this jersey are comparatively short. In general, like all Pas Normal Studios jerseys, the Pas Normal Studios Solitude Mesh jersey is cut very short, which I personally find a disadvantage, as this also means that the back pockets have less capacity and you are sometimes left bare-chested when standing upright off the bike. The jersey is produced in an environmentally conscious manner via bluesign® in Portugal. At 200 euros, it is the most expensive jersey in the test. There are numerous monochrome color variants.

Pas Normal Studios Solitude Mesh Jersey (Source: https://pasnormalstudios.com)

Maap Blurred Out Ultralight Pro Jersey

The Australian manufacturer Maap, headquartered in Melbourne, has a range of different summer jerseys. The lightest of these is the Blurred Out Ultralight Pro Jersey with a weight of 90 grams. This jersey was developed for hot and humid conditions. The fabric is ultra-light and thin. It is equipped with moisture-wicking technology. The jersey is designed in an aerodynamic pro-fit style and has a low-cut collar. The Maap Blurred Out Ultralight Pro jersey is sustainably manufactured with bluesign®. UV protection is also necessary here. In contrast to the Kalas Verano jersey, the Maap Blurred Out Ultralight Pro jersey has mesh fabric on the arms and front and a slightly more densely woven fabric on the back, so that the chest is well ventilated when climbing on the mountain, but the back is better protected from UV radiation. If you wear jerseys in summer without a cycling undershirt, you should be aware that the jersey is virtually see-through in the chest area. At 170 euros, the price is in the upper segment. The jersey is available in different patterns.

Maap Blurred Out Ultralight Jersey (Source: https://maap.cc)

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