Test: cycling shorts for mild weather with risk of rain in spring and autumn

The days are getting longer and the time for roller training is getting shorter. As a cyclist, you now want to move your training sessions outside as often as possible. With temperatures in the double-digit range, you then also want to get out into the fresh air despite the increased risk of rain. In this test, I present three pants that are slightly warm and have a water-repellent property. None of the pants is absolutely waterproof. In light rain and/or damp roads, the pants keep sufficiently dry. However, stronger splash water can penetrate unpleasantly on the butt back, which is why I definitely advise an ace saver for heavier rain or very wet trails. Ale Cycling’s pants come in two colors (black and blue). Castelli and Assos only carry a black model.

Ale Klimatik K-ATMO 2.0

source: https://alecycling.com

The Ale Klimatik range has been available on the German market for over 5 years. The products have undergone a full DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment on their outer surface to protect against light rain and dirt. In this way, the clothing protects – without losing breathability – against moisture and wetness. For both men and women there is the Ale Klimatik K-ATMO 2.0 Bib-shorts. (For men, there is still a higher quality product available, Ale Klimatik K-TOUR). The pant legs are slightly longer than those of Ale Cycling’s regular pant models. Thus, the Ale Klimatik K-ATMO 2.0 Bib-shorts can be combined very well with appropriate leg or knee rings. The manufacturer recommends the Klimatik K-ATMO 2.0 Bib-shorts for a temperature range of 4 degrees (with Klimatik K-ATMO 2.0 leg warmers) to 16 degrees. In the comparison table below, I only consider wearing without knee or leg warmers. Inside, the pants are lined with a very comfortable brushed mesh that protects against the cold. Above 15 degrees, I find the pants borderline warm. Under overcast skies, wind and rain, however, I sometimes wear the pants up to 18 degrees, as long as I have to contend with less heat development at light intensity. As a seat pad, the proven W4h seat pad (men’s model 4h) is processed. The main material of the pants consists of 86% polyamide and 14% elastane.


source: https://www.castelli-cycling

From Castelli there is also for a few years a corresponding Bib-shorts model with warming and water-repellent properties: the Castelli OMLOOP NANO W BIBSHORT. Castelli its own developed “nano-material” over the years again and again further developed and processed in the pants. In the latest version, the pants are made entirely of Nano Flex 3G fabric, with the exception of the straps. Special feature of the model offered by Castelli are the longer pant legs, which reach over the knee at the front, but are shorter at the back, so as not to interfere with pedaling. I find this extension very pleasant. Only if you want to wear the pants with knee or leg warmers, it can interfere a bit when dressing, but the knee or leg warmers sit tighter. In the latest men’s model NANO FLEX PRO RACE BIBSHORT was given a new product name and at the knee compared to the previous year’s model (Nano Flex Pro 2 Omloop) again somewhat shortened. This is exactly the short that Castelli has supplied to the pro team INEOS. There is also a second water-repellent men’s model here, but it is not as high quality (Castelli Tutto Nano). The men’s model is more expensive than the women’s model. For the women, instead of the highest quality Progetto X2 Air seat pad, the Kiss Air² seat pad was used. The official temperature range for women / men is 14/12 to 20 degrees. 20 degrees I feel as too high set and see in the heat sensation no difference to the pants of Ale. Only by the extended knee section lets cooler and wetter weather rather reach for the pants of Castelli. The main material is 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.

ASSOS UMA GT SPRING FALL HALF KNICKERS C2 (Assos MILLE GT Spring Fall 3/4 bib shorts C2)

source: https://www.assos.com

For years, the Swiss manufacturer ASSOS has explicitly distinguished in its product range between road bike and MTB, as well as between the seasons. For the road bike there is no short water-repellent shorts from Assos for the spring or fall. Here, there are 3/4 shorts for both women and men, strapless for women: ASSOS UMA GT SPRING FALL HALF KNICKERS C2 for women and ASSOS MILLE GT Spring Fall 3/4 bib shorts C2 for men. The covered knee makes the pants noticeably warmer than comparable shorts. As with Ale and Castelli, the ASSOS UMA GT SPRING FALL HALF KNICKERS C2 turns out enormously comfortable. The Knickers are made mostly of “RX EVO- textiles” with an eco-friendly water repellent coating for protection from light rain. The inside of the pants is slightly roughened and therefore feel ultra-soft against the skin. Assos has used the UMA GT as padding for the women’s model, and the MILLE GT C2 padding for men. Paired with long merino socks that join the pants at the calf, I can definitely wear the pants in dry conditions and values around 10 degrees. The main material is 86% polyamide and 14% spandex.


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