Jersey push harder

Numerous inquiries have reached me, where one could buy the ” Push harder Jersey “. I designed the ” Push harder ” jersey via Biehler Custom Cycling (from Biehler sportsware). Since it is my personal design, only I can order it. I have agreed to place an order with Biehler Cycling for everyone who likes it. The price is set by Biehler and depends on the number of orders (graduated price). I do not earn anything from this, only cost recovery. Full transparency! Price list and sizes can be found on the Biehler homepage. The jersey is available in two colours. Pink and blue. Of course the jersey is also available in a version for men. Furthermore it is possible to order a perfectly matching vest (Aero). The designs of the jersey “push harder by Lisa Wetterfee”, vest as well as the two colour variants, pink and blue, have been matched to each other. For each additional colour change, design costs of 40 Euro will be charged. Design costs will also be charged for the fitting of trousers. Shipping costs are specified by Biehler and depend on the amount of the order and the country of dispatch. The items of clothing will be made individually by Biehler after payment (advance payment).

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