Race Around Austria Challenge – the leap into the unknown

What would life be without challenges? What would cycling be without challenges? Changes and new obstacles are part of life. Only they bring us forward. In 2020, I’m breaking new ground. A leap into the unknown: My first 24-hour bike race awaits me. And it’s not only waiting for me, but also for Anna, because together we will compete in the Race Around Austria Challenge in a 2-women’s team.

The Race Around Austria (RAA) Challenge takes the participants once around the Upper Austrian border. In contrast to other 24-hour races, you don’t drive the same route several times, but move in constantly changing terrain. The track is 560 kilometres long and offers 6500 metres of altitude difference. I’m glad to have signed up to meet this challenge as a team. Not only because I haven’t had any experience in night-time cycling races, but especially because it is an additional attraction. The fact that I won’t “just” do my own pace, but have to harmonize with another person. Similar to what I know from a rope team on my mountain tours, with the difference that this rope team is not physical. Anna and I will never be on the track at the same time, but always only one of us on her racing bike. The other one will take a seat in our pace car. And there comes the next aspect. The team actually consists of five people. Because three other competitors will accompany Anna and me in the pace car.

Anna and I during the first planning in Munich

For such a project, of course, things like the right training are required in advance. In addition to perfect coordination with the team and the optimal strategy in the race, it also requires extensive organization in advance. We are happy to have support from strong partners. At this point I would like to thank everyone who supports Anna and me and believes in us and our project. Thank you!

I invite you to accompany Anna and me on our way to the race. Of course you can follow our preparation on our blogs and on social media.

UPDATE 01.07.20 Due to the Corona situation, my career has changed and I have to cancel the race with a heavy heart. Thanks to all who supported me.

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