Test – Warm cycling jerseys for cool and wet conditions

I have tested three long-sleeved cycling jerseys from different manufacturers that are explicitly advertised as being water-repellent. All three jerseys are available for both men and women. They have a soft and warming layer on the inside, while the outsides are wind and water repellent. First of all, I would like to say that none of the three jerseys really keep the rain out, even if one manufacturer advertises this with pictures and videos. When worn for the first time, drops of water initially roll off quite well and visibly. However, if no treatment is applied to the outside, e.g. with appropriate sprays to repel water, raindrops will penetrate into and through the jerseys just as quickly after a few wears or washes as is the case with ordinary jerseys. You need to be aware of this and wear a waterproof layer on top in rainy weather or carry one as a back-up if there is a risk of rain. Nevertheless, these jerseys offer advantages over “normal” jerseys. All three jerseys are wind-repellent, so that they are at least a little warmer even when wet. They are clearly superior in conditions with high humidity without precipitation. Ordinary jerseys quickly soak up moisture and become clammy or even wet. These three jerseys from the test ensure that you stay dry when riding through fog banks. As none of the jerseys are fully windproof, I usually combine the jerseys with a wind vest. The prices of MAAP and Biehler are clearly at the upper end of the jersey range and Castelli also has high prices. With the start of the new season, however, there are already the first discounts and with luck you can save up to 50 percent of the RRP. Alternatively, you can also buy second-hand to protect the environment. The jerseys are of such high quality that they retain their like-new quality even after being worn several times.


The Castelli TUTTO NANO RoS W JERSEY (Castelli TUTTO NANO RoS JERSEY for men) impresses with Castelli’s own Nano Flex 3G material, which the manufacturer has been using in numerous items of clothing for years. It is constantly being improved. The name suffix RoS means Rain or Shine and at Castelli stands for a category of very high quality garments that can be worn in dry conditions without heat and moisture build-up, but are also equipped with water-repellent properties in case it rains. With a high elastane content, the jersey is very stretchy and allows you to wear additional layers underneath. For me, a big plus of the jersey is the high-cut collar. This means you don’t have to wear a scarf or other layer over it to keep out the cold wind, and the YKK® Vislon® zipper can be opened quickly on climbs. Due to the slightly longer cut compared to the other two jerseys, this jersey provides the best protection against moisture and cold, especially in the lower back and bottom area.

Castelli TUTTO NANO RoS W JERSEY source: www.castelli-cycling.com

MAAP EvadeThermal Long Sleeve Jersey

The Australian manufacturer MAAP has different collections in its range, each of which also includes long-sleeved jerseys with wind and water-repellent properties. These jerseys differ little from each other in terms of their properties and the differences are significantly greater compared to the two jerseys from the other manufacturers. At this point, the cheapest and lightest jersey from MAAP should be mentioned: the Training Thermal LS Jersey, which belongs to the “Training” collection and is designed for everyday training. It weighs 209 grams, is made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane and costs 185 euros. In addition to the 3 back pockets, each of the MAAP jerseys has numerous reflective details and a zippered pocket. The higher quality jerseys have a more sporty cut. They have slightly more fabric and are also made of polyester. The top model, the Evade Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey 2.0, will be tested here, as its thermal performance is closest to that of the other two jerseys. The MAAP Evade Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey is cut in the Pro-Fit style. It has a water-repellent DWR coating that protects against light splashes. It is listed with a total weight of 250 grams (for women) and regularly costs 210 euros. The jersey has the Bluesign® label, which guarantees that it has been treated and manufactured without harmful substances for people and the environment. Compared to the jerseys from Castelli and Biehler, the Evade Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey has slightly less fabric on the sleeves. The cuffs and collar, on the other hand, are a little more voluminous, so that the jersey can be worn in moderately cool conditions without an additional wind vest.

MAAP Evade Thermal LS Jersey https://maap.cc

Biehler Thermal Rain Jersey

The BIEHLER THERMAL RAIN LONG-SERM CYCLING JERKET has an aerodynamically optimized race-fit cut and the tightest cut of all the jerseys presented here. At the same time, the jersey also has the shortest length. This prevents creasing at the front, but has the disadvantage that it is very short at the back. I therefore only wear this jersey in combination with lined trousers or another layer on the upper body. The jersey has the thickest fabric compared to the other two jerseys, which is an advantage in colder temperatures. However, as the Biehler Thermal Rain jersey is relatively wide at the collar, at least a scarf or buff or a high-necked wind vest must be worn against the cold. In less cold temperatures, heat builds up quickly, especially on climbs. I personally wear the Biehler Thermal Rain jersey in comparison to the jerseys from Castelli and Maap in colder temperatures and in combination with wind protection. The warmer sleeves of the Biehler Thermal Rain jersey are then an advantage and I like to wear the Biehler jersey in combination with a Gabba. Typical for Biehler, the center back pocket is significantly larger than the two side pockets. Personally, I would like Biehler to cut the pockets a little longer (again), as the outer back pockets are too short for energy bars in smaller sizes. The jersey is made in Portugal and the base material is both Bluesign® and Oekotex® certified.

Biehler Thermal Rain Jersey www.biehler-cycling.com


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