Test: Cycling gloves for wet weather

Anyone who rides a bike all year round will get wet sooner or later. This is less of a problem in summer, but definitely a problem in cold temperatures. Wet clothing draws heat away from the body. Our hands and fingers in particular are exposed to the wind, which intensifies the cooling effect. Cold fingers are not only unpleasant but also a safety risk. Stiff fingers can make shifting and braking sluggish and not fast enough. Here I would like to present three pairs of gloves that are designed for wet conditions, but which I use in different temperature ranges. None of the glove pairs have a special fabric section for operating touchscreens, but this is not a problem for me in practice – especially in wet conditions. All pairs have reflective details, although these are rather sparse for me.


The Italian manufacturer Sportful has two pairs of water-repellent gloves in its range. The cheaper one is the NO RAIN model, which I tested. The NoRain fabric made from polyamide and elastane is wind and water repellent. The gloves are suitable for cool temperatures with an increased risk of rain. If it rains heavily or persistently, my hands get wet, but as I wear the gloves at moderate temperatures, my hands stay warm. The gloves are breathable, so that after cycling – unlike neoprene gloves or similar – you don’t have wet, sweaty hands. – you don’t have sweaty hands after cycling. The gloves dry relatively quickly and keep out the wind well, so you are protected from cooling down. The gloves are thin, so they are easy to transport if you want to take them with you as a backup. The feel is very good and allows for all kinds of handling while cycling. They are also perfect for changing temperatures as they pack down very small and are easy to stow away.

SPORTFUL NO RAIN GLOVES source:https://www.sportful.com

GRIPGRAB Waterproof Knitted Winter Gloves

I use the Waterproof Knitted Winter Gloves from GripGrab very often. They are breathable and are therefore also suitable for cold weather without rain or snowfall. They insulate well and keep you warm even when you’re not moving. For their thermal performance, the Waterproof Knitted Winter Gloves have a relatively manageable pack size. Silicone on the palm and fingers increases grip in wet conditions. The gloves are available in black, navy and neon yellow.

GRIPGRAB Waterproof Knitted Winter Gloves source: https://www.gripgrab.com


The C5 GORE-TEX thermal gloves from GORE BIKE-WEAR are the warmest pair in the test. GORE-TEX makes the gloves lightweight, extremely breathable and durably waterproof and windproof. Padding is incorporated into the palm of the hand, which has a shock-absorbing effect. However, this does impair the feel. The thumb is made of highly absorbent material for quick sweat absorption, although I personally tend to struggle with a runny nose in winter rather than too much sweat on my forehead. The width of the wrist can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener.

GORE WEAR C5 GORE-TEX Thermo gloves source: https://www.gorewear.com

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