“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride.” by Eddy Merckx


Oetztaler Cycle Marathon 2023

Oetztaler Cycle Marathon 2022

Oetztaler Cycle Marathon 2019

Oetztaler Cycle Marathon 2018

Merciless weather at the Oetztal Cycle Marathon 2018

Oetztaler Cycle Marathon 2016

BMW Team Time Trial 2019

Alpenbrevet – Gold

SuperGiroDolomiti 2018

Race Around Austria Challenge – the leap into the unknown

Bikepacking, holidays and more

Review 2023

Review and Training 2.0(22) – 17 days with 58,000 vertical meters

Mountain training week: 7 days 21,000 vertical meters

Stelvio Triple aka Review 2020

3T Bike my XPD – Witnesses of the Glacial Period

3T Bike Gravelride – XPDTN3

30,000 vertical meters in 11 days Italy

In the footsteps of the Tour de France

With the roadbike in Cyprus

Roadbike training camp in Cyprus 2020


Taboo topic in cycling: eating disorders

Bicycle bottle without plastic?

Recipe for energy bars

Ketones – More endurance & a clearly optimised fat metabolism through ketone drinks?! Studies, effects & background

Ketogenic diet as a cyclist – Sean Sakinofsky in interview

Exogenous ketones – a first experience report

Doping for the people

Experience report exogenous ketones

Training & Co

Lactate and threshold concepts in performance diagnostics -Lactate part 3

Lactate formation rate and performance – Lactate transport and importance of lactate (Lactate Part2)

What is lactate? How and why is lactate formed? – Lactate Part 1

Why COVID-19 aka Corona can also be dangerous for healthy athletes

Cycling until your feet burn – WINSOLE

Powermeter – Entry into performance-based training

Why power controlled training? – An introduction

Tests and guide

Test: cycling jersey for hot summer days

Test: Warm cycling jerseys for cool and wet conditions

Test: cycling gloves for wet weather

Test: cycling shorts for mild weather with risk of rain in spring and autumn

Test: cycling bib tights for the winter

Test: winter shoes for bike

Test: Lightweight rain jackets with small pack size for the bike

How to improve your sleep?

What do you wear when cycling in winter?

More about cycling

Bone loss – an invisible danger in cycling

Push Harder Cycling Socks

Women and cycling

What does a professional cyclist do after his active professional career? – BALDISO Cycling

About cycling

Jersey push harder – #cyclistspushharder

Blog Award 2020: 1st place in the category roadbike

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